Since I was young, working with my hands was something I really enjoyed.


I got in touch with shoemaking in 2010 in Buenos Aires and as soon as I found traditional way to make shoes and make them fit I decided to take a trip to Europe to explore different schools, the english, french, austro hungarian, Italian and spanish masters captivate me with its high level of craftsmanship and dedication.


I took 2 years of apprenticeship in the traditional way to make shoes and boots, no machines, handmade, made to personal taste and measurements, high end and using the best materials available in the market to create a pair that last longer and express client's  personality.












Nowadays shoemaking is my way to connect with people, to fulfill the desire to make things better over time, driven by passion and effort.  It allows me to express who I am.


Personal, conscious, abiding, unique and well crafted are words that define my work.


Trying to achieve the best fit and understand desires of my clients is a great challenge that utterly give us an immense satisfaction.